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I am Roy Ho

Who am I?

First, just let me Thank You for visiting my site! My name is Roy Ho and I am a web developer.

It all started with that 2400 baud modem in the 90s. Yes I am that old! I thought that was the best invention in the world. With it, I was able to connect to anyone that also had a landline and modem/pc on the other end. Mind blown...It is then where I also learned about software trading. I thought to myself, "awesome -- now I can get any game I want". Little did I know that was actually called software piracy. Ok Lets change subject. So from there, I created my first landing page on the computer. This is the page you see when you connect to my computer via the modem. On this page, I was able to express my creativity by animating text ( yes that existed ) like spinning forward slashes and more. So I made this whole "flashy" intro page before you see "the goods". Thats when I knew this has got to be my profession! No not software piracy! Focus!

Fast forward to today. I work for WooThemes Automattic and I am a WooCommerce Developer.

What can I do?

I am definitely a student of learning but currently I work exclusively on anything related to WordPress. Below are my skill confidence level on some of the major languages and technologies.













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